Grow with me flamingo

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Our exclusive grow with me teether & water flamingo toy make the perfect manipulative for all abilities!

This is our biggest toy yet and not just perfect for those teething babies but kids with all abilities, spectrums and those who just like to play!

Massaging bumps in the back help sooth sore gums. Place them in the freezer for extra comfort. Growing out if the teething stage? Turn it into a bath or water table toy! Perfect for water play, doesn't loose shape and easy to clean/ wipe off. The wing handle makes a perfect grip to practice fine motor stills.

The size of this teether has our older chewers in mind too. Great manipulative tool for all ability kids who enjoy chewing, pulling, manipulating and squishing. A toxin free safe toy for your child on the spectrum.


Size: 6 inches x 4.5 inches

Safety: teething toys should be used under constant supervision.